A Beginner’s Guide To London

London Life: A Guide for Those on Working Holiday Visas

A Working Holiday Visa, which is now called the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa, allows Aussies and Kiwis to visit the UK and then work at the same time. So not only do you get to travel, but also earn money and a new set of skills.

Applying for a visa, however, is no walk in the park, although it is not that difficult.

Visa application

There are 3 stages in the visa application process – online application form, biometric interview and postal application. There are plenty of agencies who can help you acquire visa as painless as possible. There are also several processing offices where a biometric appointment can be set up, such as in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Perth. You can then post your application through the agency helping you out, or you can send it to UK Border Agency, GPO Box 2718, Sydney, NSW 2001.

Visa processing usually takes a few weeks, so you might want to start the process way ahead of your planned departure. This way, any hiccups along the way will be avoided.

Once you have your visa, it is time to head out to the UK and have the time of your life. When in the City of London, make sure to check out the following:

Places of Interest

The City of London has many interesting landmarks, historical buildings and other places that attract millions of tourists worldwide. From the Bank of London to the Tower of London. If you’re more interested in seeing quintessential examples of life and death, there are churches and graveyards that are part of London attractions, such as the All Hallows by the Tower and St Bride’s.

For a more educational journey, you can check out some of London’s finest museums and galleries that are sure to enlighten your minds about a lot of things. You should also check out iconic buildings in London before your Working holiday Visa expires.

Must-Do Activities

Partying all night is one way to enjoy London, but you can do something more enjoyable when you are sober and able to climb the top of St Paul’s Cathedral, sign up for London Walks or join a London Film Locations Bus Tour. If your stay is scheduled in time for Australia Day, there are more activities you can join in, such as the Australia Day Movie Marathon, Comedy Carnival Australia Day Show and Australian Wines Uncorked, where you can learn as much as drink the finest wines from boutique producers in London.

Great Eats

What’s a visit to London without checking out pubs, bars and eateries? A favourite among tourists is the Rooftop at Queen of Hoxton. During the Aussie Day celebration, it hosts a huge party, serving kangaroo and pepper kebabs. Other establishments you can check out include Club Gascon, The Wall, Boisdale of Bishopsgate, Belushi and Hops & Glory.

Great Drink

A lot of local workers in London enjoy a late drink. If you want to meet locals and enjoy a pint of the best ale the city has to offer, you should be where the action is. Some of the choices are Eat & Drink (the name says it all), Ye Olde Watling, White Hart and Dirty Dick’s, among others.

Boris Bikes

Looking to travel around London the more eco-friendly way? You can take advantage of Santander Cycles, the city’s public bike sharing scheme. Hire Boris bikes for 24 hours and pedal your way across the city. It won’t cost you much, but you might have to pay more when going on longer journeys.

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