Celebrity Tax Quotes

Chris Rock On Taxes

He’s quite the outspoken comedian and is known for his uninhibited approach to his material which has seen him gain a hugefollowing and respect from all comedy fans.From his stand up tour ‘Bigger & Blacker’ he speaks abouttaxes and he is famed for his quote line: “You don’t even pay taxes-they take taxes.” He continues with, “You get the cheque. Money gone! That ain’t a payment, that a jack”
Away from comedy, Chris Rock has also had a successful acting career. Rock played a big role in the 1999 release, ‘Dogma’ alongside the then, hot young stars as Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Salma Hayek. Since then, his comedic stardom and actor status has sky rocketed and sits comfortably on the list of greatest comedians of his generation.
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