British Film Industry Tax Breaks Approved By EU

Well it’s about time!

The BBC have reported this morning that the EU are to extend tax breaks for the British Film Industry.

Under the new scheme, film production companies will be able to claim tax relief of 25% payable towards the cost of production.

The new move that had to be passed by the EU under state-aid rules is said to have been made in the hope that it would attract more blockbuster movies to UK shores.

Chancellor, George Osborne is quoted on the BBC as saying, “These tax credits, that support both film and TV production, create around £2bn worth of business in Britain.

“That’s many thousands of jobs and lots of different industries, not just acting but film-making and costume design and set design.

“All of those things are really brilliant jobs supported by this brilliant industry. It’s also a great advert for the country.”

With the film industry also comes a whole host of other jobs including creative design, graphic design, copy writers and of course actors and extras. The move will also see working holiday makers able to come to the UK and gain experience in the film industry.

The UK is also famed for its incredible scenery, so we’re sure the BFI won’t be letting anyone down when it comes to the epic landscapes of the Lake District or the Highlands or where ever they choose to film.

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Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

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