5 Jobs For Working Holiday Makers In The UK

There are plenty of job vacancies for working holiday makers in the UK, which is why a lot of young adults from all over the world apply for a UK working holiday visa. Are you ready to take on the challenge of working in the UK?

Finding work is fairly easy, what with all the online recruitment agencies that you can use. Moreover jobs are often categorized and placed in one single directory. If you’re looking for pub jobs in London, for example, there is a specific directory that you can use. There are also seasonal jobs that you can look into.

Some of the most popular job options are:

Pub Jobs

Whether in and around London, there are plenty of jobs hiring drinks maker, servers and other positions that need to be filled. Working at a pub is probably the quickest way to go.

Temp Work

Companies are always looking for someone to fill in a temporary job as a personal assistant, market research interviewer, executive assistant, etc.


If you’ve experience of physical, hard labour, the construction industry in the UK is one venue to earn money and stock up on professional experience.

Social Work

Rehabilitation specialist is one of the most in-demand jobs today. If you want to expand your professional experience in social work, you will have plenty of vacancies to choose from.


Find work through an agency and enjoy flexible hours in temp and full-time roles in a range of locations around the UK.

Even if you have no prior work experience, there are plenty of opportunities that are available to you as well.

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Photo by Daniel Angele on Unsplash

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