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UK CIS Rebates Advice

If you’re looking for UK CIS Tax Rebates advice, this article covers your need-to-know facts. We’ll take a look at the CIS Tax return process and explain how to file your CIS Tax self-assessment and what you can claim.

Claim a CIS Tax Refund online

Are you a construction worker using the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)?. If so, you can claim tax refunds for travel expenses to temporary workplaces, as well as uniforms and even more. The average CIS Tax refund for CIS workers is £2000. The best part is that you can file your CIS Tax Return application online

CIS Tax Refund
Construction Industry Scheme – UK CIS Refunds Scheme

UK CIS Rebates Advice

Information you need for a CIS tax refund

At we can help process your CIS Tax refund when you provide the following information. 

A list of the sites you have worked on plus;

  • Tools and Equipment
  • Insurances
  • Travel and subsistence (accommodation if you had to stay overnight) 
  • Capital Expenses
  • Mileage 
  • General Business Expenses
  • Office Cost

You should provide us with the list of the sites you have worked on as well as the dates that you worked here. This can go back over four years, should you require it. After all – the more information you provide, the better for us to assist you with your claim.

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CIS Statements

CIS Statements are the monthly statements you get from your contractors. These statements should show how much you’ve earned and the amount of tax that has been deducted. These statements may also be referred to as payslips, wage slips or vouchers.

Supporting Documents

Supporting documents such as providing a copy of your photo ID (e.g. driving license or passport), as well as your proof of address (e.g. a utility bill), MOT certificates and receipts for travel or other relevant transactions will help maximise your CIS Tax Refund.

CIS Tax Refund

Applying for a CIS Tax Refund or CIS Tax Rebate online with 

You can start your CIS Tax Refund claim online via our online form, or get in touch directly at


Call Our CIS Tax Helpline: 0911 014 1100


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