A Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming CIS Tax Refunds in the UK

CIS tax refunds

Introduction to Claiming CIS Tax Refunds in the UK For individuals working in the UK’s construction industry, the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a vital part of their tax obligations. Under CIS, contractors deduct tax at source from payments made to subcontractors. If you are a subcontractor and have had too much tax deducted from […]

Foreign Workers In Construction

Foreign Workers In Construction

The UK has long been considered a place of opportunity and prosperity, which has beckoned migrants to come here to find work for decades. The construction industry is one that is popular for hiring foreign workers, because they are found to be hard working, skilled in the trade and provide opportunity for expansion. However, there […]

How to Calculate CIS Tax Return?

How to Calculate CIS Tax Return?

Under the construction industry system (CIS), contractors deduct money from subcontractor payments and remit it to HMRC. The deductions are regarded as advance payments toward the subcontractor’s tax and social security contributions. Contractors must register with the system, although subcontractors are not obligated to do so. Even if they don’t register, their payments are deducted […]

What are the benefits of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)?

Here are the Benefits Of The CIS

What are the benefits of the Construction Industry Scheme? In this article, we take a look at CIS and how this can benefit individuals who work in the industry.  What is the Construction Industry Scheme? HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) created the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) for contractors and subcontractors in order to minimise tax […]

Construction industry scheme tax guide – CIS Tax 2020-21

Construction Industry Scheme

This article aims to simplify construction industry scheme tax refunds. If you work in the construction industry and are signed up to the CIS (Construction industry scheme), you may be due a tax refund.  Whether operating under PAYE for an employer or if you’re self-employed and signed up to the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), you […]

Are You Getting The Most You Can from Your CIS Refunds?

CIS Tax Help

So, how do you get the most from your CIS tax return? HM Revenue and Customs define the Construction Industry Scheme as “a set of special rules for handling payments made by contractors to subcontractors for construction work.” Subcontractors in the construction industry are often taxed at a very high rate — 20 to 30 […]

Construction Industry Scheme: How to claim a CIS tax refund

How to Claim a CIS Tax Refund

Do you work in the construction industry? In this article we find out how to claim a CIS tax refund. Did you know, that almost 1/3 of UK construction workers pay too much tax which equates to an estimated £80 million lost each year. If you feel you’ve overpaid tax, it is time to take […]

Taxes for Construction Industry Workers in the UK

CIS Tax Refund

If you are working in the construction industry in the UK, you will need to be aware of the Construction Industry Scheme – also known as CIS. CIS was developed to minimize tax evasion within the construction industry and applies to all contactors and subconstractors who work in main stream construction within the UK. Therefore, […]

CIS Tax Refund – UK CIS Rebates Advice – Application

UK CIS Rebates Advice

If you’re looking for UK CIS Tax Rebates advice, this article covers your need-to-know facts. We’ll take a look at the CIS Tax return process and explain how to file your CIS Tax self-assessment and what you can claim. Claim a CIS Tax Refund online Are you a construction worker using the Construction Industry Scheme […]

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