Finding Part-Time Work At Uni

Guide for International Students When Looking for Part-Time

Most foreign students not only come to the UK to get the best education, but also to earn money. The good news is finding part-time jobs is easier, what with the many groups and organisations that specialise in job placement of international students.

Like most places in the world, there are plenty of recruitment agencies in the UK where students can apply for.

Where exactly should you look for part-time jobs in the UK?


This is a job portal dedicated to students and graduates looking for temporary, part time or full time employment. As partner to both local and international companies, StudentJob can also be your gateway to find jobs in France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. In the UK, they can help you find part time student jobs in various regions – London, East Midlands, South West, South East and the North.

You can work as a pet sitter, language instructor, waiter & bar shifts, event support, tutor and many other career opportunities. is not just a job portal, but also a treasure trove of information about student life in the UK. From accommodation to UK culture, the website has plenty to offer. This is also where you can find part time jobs in London and in other regions in the UK. There is a range of positions for holiday and part time jobs in London, most of which can help make your academic life comfortable. Some of the companies that are looking for interested international students are Nigel Frank International, UPS, Whole Foods, Lane Personnel, Mernco, Peabody, NonStop, and many others.

The University of Edinburgh

If you are enrolled in The University of Edinburgh, you can easily apply for part-time work through the university. They offer part-time work during studies, designed to help you fund you education. There are certain qualifications you must meet, however.

  • Permitted work hours for international students are only up to 20 hours a week.
  • Only 15 hours per week during a semester is permitted for full time students.

If you hail from a member country of the European Union, you are exempt from any working restrictions. To find jobs, simply get help from the university’s Careers Service.

University of Strathclyde Glasgow

As a student in the University of Strathclyde Glasgow, there are many job opportunities open for you. Some of the vacancies offered include part time, temporary and casual jobs; summer work and internships; placements; and voluntary work opportunities. To get started, you must first register with the Careers Service online vacancies. If you cannot find a suitable job right after sign up, make it a point to check for updates regularly. International students like you can work in shops, pubs, hotels, bars, call centres, etc.

On-Campus Jobs

As what you may have seen from the list above, universities do offer work to students, foreign or otherwise. It is all about asking the right questions to the right people. Some professors might be looking for a research assistant, or there might be some work available in any university facility.

For more job opportunities and other related guidance, you should visit the National Association of Student Employment Service (NASES), where you can find information about local jobs. Morethanwork is designed for working students looking to work while studying in the UK.


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