Travel Europe With The Money From Your Tax Refund

Travel Europe With The Money From Your Tax Refund

Thinking about tax can be a task in itself, but a tax refund needn’t be difficult and you’ll end up with some spare money at the end of it. To treat yourself with the extra funds, here are five practically perfect weekend away ideas, just for you.

A Weekend In Rome – Italy’s great and iconic capital not only makes for an excellent break, but it’s also extremely affordable with your tax refund. A return flight to the architectural city of the world can be as little as £160, with accommodation at around £70 a night, leaving plenty of money left over for touring, evening pasta and a night at the theatre. Considering many of the tourist attractions are actually free landmarks – Spanish Steps, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain – you should find that you won’t need much spending money after all!

A Weekend In Brussels – For under £100, you can get a return flight to Brussels, Belgium – the land of waffles, chocolate and beer. A rich and grand history, Brussels is flowing with architectural beauty, charming alleyways and a bubbling city centre ancient market place. Grand Place is the atmospheric town square that resonates the sculpture and art of the area, similarly to the Palais de Justice and La Monnaie opera house, all of which are accessible by the hop-on hop-off sightseeing Brussels bus. The nightlife kicks off midweek and peaks on Saturday night, with lounge bars and nightclubs aplenty.

A Weekend In Riga – Around every corner of Riga is a form of breath-taking art and expression, from its beginnings in 1201 to today. The lavish creations of art nouveau can be seen in the buildings of Alberta Street, Old Riga and Agenskains, while the wooden architecture in Paradaugava resembles that of the 19th century. If you spend a weekend in the Latvian capital, the Old Town of Riga is culturally rich, with plenty of character in the museum and halls, as well as the cafes and restaurants that line the cobbled streets. A return flight to Riga will take about £300 of your tax rebate, but its popularity is destined to soar after being named 2014’s European Culture Capital.

A Weekend In Vienna – The real king of the castle, there are 27 in Vienna alone, as well as 150 magnificent palaces (Schonbrunn, Imperial, Ringstrasse) to stare at and imagine the lives of those that live(d) there. Should you want to see the city from a great height, The Danube Tower stands at 826ft high within the flowerbeds and meadows of Danube Park, and you can eat inside the rotating restaurant at 564ft. A lazy Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to head to a coffeehouse and try their indulgent pastries or Bundt cake. Go to Vienna in winter for ice-skating or summer for the open-air Doblinger Pool, for just £150 return.

A Weekend In Stockholm– Sweden’s capital is geographically like no other; made up of 14 islands connected by 57 bridges, it’s a large puzzle with individual pieces to explore. You can see plenty in just one weekend, from the Royal National City Park breathing life into the bustle of the city, to the medieval city centre of Gamla Stan, with its antique stores, craft shops and cafes. A tour of the city from the water shouldn’t be missed, with many sightseeing operators on hand to tell you about its history and show you its unique landscape. Dining experiences range from authentic to contemporary, relaxed to classic, with Sodermalm eateries the hotspot for young creative types. Get here and back to the UK for around $130.

Your tax refund is a great time to spend some money, and while it’s your choice what you spend it on, just make sure you get what you’re entitled to, so you don’t miss out on opportunities like these!

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