Funny Things People Claim on Their Tax Returns

Funny Things People Claim on Their Tax Returns

Get your tax return right and you could end up with a pretty penny, but if you’re like any of these individuals, you could receive even more. These are some the funniest things people have claimed on their tax return and, most impressively, were accepted.

A Sex Change

Having a sex change may appear to be a lifestyle choice, but according to the tax court, it is a reasonable treatment for the medical condition of gender identity disorder. So, after Rhiannon O’Donnabhain of Boston, USA claimed her sex change operation on her tax return and the IRS denied it, the tax court overruled the decision, and allowed her to deduct $5,000 of the $25,000 she had spent.

Sexual Satisfaction

A retired lawyer claimed $50,000 worth of massage therapy and sex with prostitutes on his tax return, claiming that they were a medical necessity. John Bishop of Melbourne, Australia, claimed that the regular sex was therapeutic and decreased his erectile dysfunction, while the erotic massages relieved his osteoarthritis. His claim was accepted because soliciting a prostitute in Melbourne is legal and was accepted as helping the individual’s disorders.

Lamar Odom’s NBA Fines

In 2010, Lamar Odom a.k.a ex -Mr Khloe Kardashian, disputed the IRS’ claims that he could not deduct his $12,000 NBA fines, as well as $172,000 fitness fees, from his 2007 tax return. Despite earning $9.3 million that year, he felt the need to take it to court, represented himself and, believe it or not, won. The pro basketball player stated that his fitness fees were a business expense, as he is expected to be fit and healthy, while his fines (punishment for something you are not allowed to do) normal for a professional athlete, therefore a business expense. Perhaps Odom should give up the basketball career and venture into tax law.

Dead Wife’s Undies

A recently-widowed US man included his dead wife’s unmentionables in his list for charity deductions on his 2010 tax return. Not only did he claim the bras and panties (for which the prices were pretty liberal), the IRS accepted them.

Pet Snake

A British 23-year-old female claimed her pet boa constrictor as a business expense. When queried by the tax man, she revealed that she used “Bill” in her act – she was an exotic dancer at a gentleman’s club. The snake was accepted, along with the outfits and five-inch platform heels.

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