Have You Missed Your Tax Return Deadline – And Your UK Tax Refunds?

Have You Missed Your Tax Return Deadline

Is this an issue keeping you up at night? Act fast and avoid further penalties. Read on for advice on how to avoid paying heavy penalties and claim your UK tax refunds.

As a leading tax refund company in the UK, we know there are hundreds of taxpayers who have failed to submit their self-assessment tax return by the January 31st deadline to HMRC. If you too are amongst this number, act fast. With help from our tax consultants you can get back on track with the least amount of penalties and claim those valuable UK tax returns.

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Don’t Loose Your UK Tax Refund Benefits By Further Delaying On Your Self-Assessment Tax Return!

So, you missed the deadline by a few days, well, that means around a £ 100 penalty. No huge penalties there, unless you have also delayed to pay your tax on time. 

A common occurrence if you are busy. Which is why leaving your tax affairs in the capable hands of Taxback will ensure you avoid late tax penalties and HMRC refunds what’s due to you . Our services extend to non-resident UK tax payers too, helping with UK tax returns for non-residents, who may be on a different tax scale to resident tax payers.

The Longer The Delay The Bigger The Penalty on Missed Tax Return Deadlines

While HMRC will be generous for a few days delay in filing your UK tax returns. Further delays are taken up very seriously. The longer your delay, the bigger the fine, plus, you may have to pay an interest on your tax bill as well. Fill in and file a claim form to inform HMRC immediately.

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Reasonable Excuses For Delaying To File Your UK Tax Return

These are the excuses HMRC finds ‘reasonable’ for delays in filing your tax return.

  • System failure on the HMRC site
  • Computer breaks down as you’re filing your tax return
  • Losing your records in a flood/fire etc. and not having data to file your returns
  • Receiving the online activation code late, even though you applied for it on time

Act fast and you can avoid further penalties. Talk to us and let us help you organise a proper system for the next tax year. With our help you can not only avoid those heavy penalties and being under the radar of HMRC, but evaluate your chances of claiming back those valuable tax refunds!

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