How to Save Money on Food while Travelling – And Still Enjoy being a Foodie

How to Save Money on Food while Travelling

Being a foodie while travelling is the best part of the holiday, and truly in many instances it is well-worth the extra dollar to enjoy a good meal in an exotic destination. But there are some instances where you can cut back, and save when it comes to food and drink; listed are some tips.

Don’t Opt to ‘Buy’ Water

Along with all your holiday gear, make sure to buy yourself a good water bottle, or two. There are plenty of good quality bottles as well as the filter kind, which is great when travelling areas the water quality is not given a thumbs up. Especially tropical destinations will have you spending more on bottled water, as you need to stay well hydrated, and filling up your own bottle from a safe source will save you loads in the long run.

Scout Out the Local Supermarkets

Check out the neighbourhood surrounding your accommodation and get to know the local supermarkets. From these you can stock up on snacks and take them along; this way you don’t end up buying food from around popular attractions, which are often marked up in price. Finding yourself accommodation with a kitchen is a great way to save money on food when travelling, for you can hit the local supermarkets and try your hand at mixing varied ingredients to create exotic meals.

Make it a Big Brekky and Wholesome Lunch

A big brekky is a great way to stay filled up during your tour of a foreign land. Mind you some cultures are not big on breakfast, which means you will have to stock up on some fruits and snacks and have these in addition to breakfast, before setting off. But where possible, do eat up and enjoy that morning meal. Lunch too can be a big affair, especially since lunch tends to be cheap in most places. Eat enough to stay fuelled up for the rest of the day’s activities, cutting out the temptation to stop for snacks at pricy restaurants. You can wind up, with a light dinner, which does not cost all that much.

Go for Those Meal Deals

Many hotels, hostels etc. offer breakfast as part of the package, do make use of this offer and save on eating one meal out. There are also prixe fixe menus which you can take advantage of, and while they may not always be ‘cost effective’ options, you could consider sharing the meal deals with other lodgers and enjoying a variety, as well as, saving on food while on holiday.

Avoid the Touristy Eateries

Most restaurants located, around tourist attractions, will cater to the holidaymaker, and not offer that authentic experience. Avoid this trap by seeking out eateries away from touristy areas. And while the staff may not speak English at these places, the meals will be authentic and priced right. Take along a card to explain any dietary restrictions you may have, in case communication is a problem. Save on meals while travelling and you will have lots more holiday cash, to splurge on other memorable holiday affairs.

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