2021-22 Tax Return tips: How to get the most out of your tax refund

UK PAYE Tax Refunds

We all want to get the most out of your tax refund. Filing a UK tax return seems to get more complicated every year, and many individuals often experience heavy delays when waiting on tax refunds from HMRC. Our company is a specialist UK tax accountant for ex-pats, the self-employed and those working for employers […]

3 Bits of Software Business Owners Need for Running a Business Online

Bits of Software for Running a Business

Anyone who is self-employed and runs their own business knows that it can be hard work and bring its own challenges. In light of this, it is wise to get all the help you can to work smarter and be more productive. Business management software packages are certainly helpful and can improve efficiency. Using the […]

Travel Europe on a Budget – Tax Back Travel Guides

Travel Europe on a Budget

Travel Europe on a Budget – The Tax Back Accountant team know a thing or two about how to save money when it comes to travel. Afterall, we’ve been helping backpackers from all over the world claim tax back on working holidays for decades. In this guide we take a look at some of our […]

Backpacking Australia on a Budget


A sizable portion of Australia is desert, with the largest found in the famous outback. Rainforests dot the northeastern portion of the country, while the eastern and southeastern edge contain the Great Dividing Range that stretches 2,300 miles. With so much to explore, you run the risk of going over budget. But there are ways […]

Important Dates In The UK Financial Year – Key 2021 UK Tax Dates

Dates in the UK Financial Year

The Financial Year – what is it and why do we have it? The financial year here in the UK is the 5th April. We have it, so that individuals/companies etc. (and it’s the same for everyone), can pay their taxes for the previous year and we can all benefit from the governments infinite wisdom, […]

How to Trade Cryptocurrency in Different Countries

How to Trade Cryptocurrency in Different Countries

The cryptocurrency market may be expanding rapidly but the ambiguity in terms to define the products that come in its purview is what is intriguing. While all types of digital currencies are based on decentralization technologies, the terms used for describing them differ from one country to another. Argentina and Thailand refer to these as […]

How To Live Cheap In London On £40 A Day (or £1,200 a Month)

How To Live Cheap In London

Relief from UK Tax Refunds for Non-Residents How To Live Cheap In London On £40 A Day? No, this is not a joke, and with GBP 40 we are not asking you to be extravagant, the figure is about the bare minimum you need to survive in London, one of the world’s most expensive cities. […]

The Best Cheap Eats in London

Cheap Eats in London

When UK Tax Refunds for Non-Residents are a Blessing! London is expensive; still we find that many foreigners, such as international students, working and studying there find a way to make the most of their time in the grand old city with careful planning and budgeting. If you are working for minimum wage or even […]

Settling Your Debt with the IRS: How to Avoid the Worst

Settling Your Debt with the IRS

Owing unpaid tax to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can have very serious repercussions unless you take appropriate steps to prevent them. The good news is, with a bit of professional advice, you can not only avoid the worst, but it is even possible to reduce the total due tax amount. Read on to know […]

Hacks to Save Money on Europe Travel

Save Money on Europe Travel

When UK Tax Refund for Non-Residents Count With 28 countries, the EU is a pretty hot place for tourists to explore! If you are a student or foreigner working in the UK, your UK tax refund for non-residents can be put to good use as you satiate the wanderer in you. This article offers you […]

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