UK Working Holidays – Tax Back Travel Guides

UK Working Holiday

If you’re thinking of booking a UK Working Holiday there are a few tips that will help you make the most of your trip. How to make the most of UK Working Holidays If you want a quick and simple way to earn a living while traveling in the UK, then a working holiday is […]

Help Guide for Australians Looking for Work in the UK

UK PAYE Tax Refunds

This help guide for Australians looking for work in the UK is set to help you get started as quickly and comfortably as possible. Australia and the UK share a longstanding relationship that enables citizens to live and work in either country with as little hassle as possible. Apart from a stress-free way to gain […]

Travel Europe on a Budget – Tax Back Travel Guides

Travel Europe on a Budget

Travel Europe on a Budget – The Tax Back Accountant team know a thing or two about how to save money when it comes to travel. Afterall, we’ve been helping backpackers from all over the world claim tax back on working holidays for decades. In this guide we take a look at some of our […]

Backpacking Australia on a Budget


A sizable portion of Australia is desert, with the largest found in the famous outback. Rainforests dot the northeastern portion of the country, while the eastern and southeastern edge contain the Great Dividing Range that stretches 2,300 miles. With so much to explore, you run the risk of going over budget. But there are ways […]

How to use London Transport – UK Tax Refunds

Apply for a UK Tax Refund

With an excellent public transport system, exploring London is easier than you think. You just need to know how to navigate your way through and around the city. Make sure you get an Oyster card, an electronic ticket that will get you in around London, regardless of which mode of transport you choose, whether bus […]

What Jobs Come With Accommodation in the UK

  There are plenty of opportunities to earn money and save on living costs by seeking out jobs that also provide you with accommodation. This is a sure fire way of saving money while you earn, with the added bonus that your commute will never be more than a few minutes. Live and work on […]

Popular Jobs for Working Holiday Makers in the UK

student tax refunds

  A working holiday is a great way to see a new country on a budget and offers the perfect way to truly immerse yourself in the local culture. By working side by side with the Brits you’ll not only subsidise your working holiday and generate some welcome spending money, you’ll also get a real […]

Heading To Republic Of Ireland To Work

Heading To Republic Of Ireland To Work

A Guide For Foreign Workers Coming To Ireland In recent years, Ireland has gained a remarkable ranking as a desirable location for work, and among the largest number of people searching for jobs in Ireland come from foreign countries such as France, Canada, India, the U.S. and the UK. Dublin, in particular, has a reputation […]

Claiming Back Tax from Australia

Claiming Back Tax from Australia

Have you been working in Australia full time or part time? Whether you were living and working as a holidaymaker or a backpacker, you may be entitled to a tax refund, especially if you overpaid tax or did not apply for your tax back for the past few or couple of years. Claim back tax […]

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