Wear a uniform to work? Did you know you may qualify for a Tax Rebate?

If you are required to wear a uniform to work, do you know you may qualify for a tax rebate for the cost of maintaining it? From policemen to nurses to electricians, many UK taxpayers wear uniforms to work. Who qualifies and how can you collect your tax rebate? Qualifications It’s pretty simple. If you […]

Working In Child Care

Working In Child Care

Finding Job Prospects for Childcare Professionals in UK Being a childcare professional is probably one of the most rewarding jobs. Sure, it has its share of disadvantages, not to mention the stress when dealing with certain children, but it certainly has its appeal. This is especially true that anyone in this line of work can […]

UK Working Holiday Guide For Australians – Youth Mobility Scheme Explained

Claim back tax from Australia

This UK Working Holiday guide for Australians sets out to explain the Youth Mobility Scheme looking at how to qualify, how much it costs and how to find jobs and get started if you do qualify. Australia, being one of the countries that have a special reciprocal agreement with the UK, enables its passport holders […]

Best Agencies for Teaching Jobs in the UK

UK Tax Returns

Are you looking for a teaching job in the UK? Rather than do all the legwork on your own, you should seek help from professional recruiters from trusted placement agencies. Here, we take a look at some of the top teaching recruitment agencies to help find you a teaching placement in the UK.   Find […]

Top Tips to Consider when Moving to and Working in the UK

working in the uk

Top tips to consider when moving to and working in the UK. Moving and working in the UK definitely has some perks. What you need to do when moving to and working in the UK is just a start. A change of employment is more challenging than a change of address, what with the UK tax […]

Applying for a National Insurance Number: Internationals Working in the UK

Watching your money

A national insurance number serves as your own personal account number. This ensures that the UK tax and national insurance contributions you pay are properly recorded. It also serves as a reference number for your social security system. A national insurance number is unique to you and will be the same all your life, even […]

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