Falling Inside IR35 Tax Rules – UK Tax Advice For The Self-Employed

Falling Inside IR35 Tax Rules

If you fall within IR35 tax guidelines, it means that HMRC sees you as an employee in the ‘off-payroll’ working laws, for tax purposes. Here’s more UK tax advice on IR35. What Does It Mean To Be ‘Inside IR35’? In 2000, the off-payroll working rules were introduced by HMRC to make sure contractors, who would […]

Paying Tax As A Small Business And How To Claim Back UK Tax

Paying Tax As A Small Business

As a small business owner or sole trader, you must pay personal income tax. Learn here about the type of tax applicable and conditions to claim back UK tax.  Any profit you make on your business must be declared to HMRC. But first you must register your new business and choose the appropriate legal structure, […]

UK Tax Tips For Saving When Operating As Contractor Through A Limited Company

UK Tax Tips For Saving

Listed are tax saving benefits you can claim when contracting through a limited company. The following UK tax tips will show you from which areas to claim a tax refund. As an established agent for UK tax refunds, we at Taxback offer the best UK tax advice, for our clients to benefit from tax allowances, […]

Do You Have an Old Tax Credit Debt?

Do You Have an Old Tax Credit Debt

Tax credit debts and how they are collected keep changing, which is why you should not ignore any letters you receive from HMRC. Read on for a breakdown of tax credit debt and UK tax advice, including self-assessment tax advice. The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) announced that a segment of tax credit debt […]

Understanding PAYE Tax UK

Understanding PAYE Tax UK

If you work in the UK, you’re probably no stranger to the PAYE (Pay as You Earn) system that employers use to calculate and deduct tax and pay National Insurance. In Ireland, the same method is used to calculate Universal Social Charge and Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI). How exactly are PAYE Tax Refunds calculated? […]

Top Tips to Consider when Moving to and Working in the UK

working in the uk

Top tips to consider when moving to and working in the UK. Moving and working in the UK definitely has some perks. What you need to do when moving to and working in the UK is just a start. A change of employment is more challenging than a change of address, what with the UK tax […]

What You Need To Know About UK Tax Refunds

Think you’ve overpaid tax? Then, you are likely legible for a tax refund. Overpaid tax can arise under different circumstances. The wrong tax code was used because HMRC used the wrong one oryour employer used an incorrect code. You were taxed under an emergency code when you started yournew job. Your circumstances have changed, but […]

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