UK Tax Refund Services

The tax code in the United Kingdom is complicated as it is in many other places as well. The average citizen probably does not have a great chance of understanding the entire code, and may well be losing out on some of the UK tax refunds that they are duly entitled. This is the very […]

2021-22 Tax Return tips: How to get the most out of your tax refund

UK PAYE Tax Refunds

We all want to get the most out of your tax refund. Filing a UK tax return seems to get more complicated every year, and many individuals often experience heavy delays when waiting on tax refunds from HMRC. Our company is a specialist UK tax accountant for ex-pats, the self-employed and those working for employers […]

How to Claim a PAYE Tax Refund 2020-21

How To Claim A PAYE Tax Refund

Feeling out of pocket despite working every hour that God sends? Well then, you may want to check your payslip carefully as you may be overpaying PAYE by being on an emergency tax code. If you think you’re owed a PAYE tax refund, a few things to consider before applying and a few things you […]

UK Working Holidays – Tax Back Travel Guides

UK Working Holiday

If you’re thinking of booking a UK Working Holiday there are a few tips that will help you make the most of your trip. How to make the most of UK Working Holidays If you want a quick and simple way to earn a living while traveling in the UK, then a working holiday is […]

Tax Deductibles For Flight Attendants – Seafarer Tax Refunds

Tax Deductables For Flight Attendants

Tax Deductibles for flight attendants can be claimed for up to four previous tax years in the UK.  What can flight attendants claim on a UK tax return? If you’re a flight attendant and working in different countries, then it’s important to know what you can claim back on tax, meaning you need to have […]

Guide to filling in your UK Self Assessment Tax Return

guide to self assessment

This article contains a guide to filling in your UK Self Assessment tax return and how to file your tax return online. It is very important that you fill in your self-assessment tax return before the 31st January deadline each year; failure to do so could mean you receive a late penalty charge which is […]

Six reasons to file your UK self-assessment tax return early

File your UK self-assessment tax return early

Being a tax return early bird will mean you avoid spending the festive period immersed in catching up with your business’s paperwork to be ready to file your tax return on time. There are several advantages to filing your tax return early and here in this Self-assessment tax return guide, we take a look at […]

Have You Missed Your Tax Return Deadline – And Your UK Tax Refunds?

Have You Missed Your Tax Return Deadline

Is this an issue keeping you up at night? Act fast and avoid further penalties. Read on for advice on how to avoid paying heavy penalties and claim your UK tax refunds. As a leading tax refund company in the UK, we know there are hundreds of taxpayers who have failed to submit their self-assessment […]

How to File Your First Tax Return

How to File Your First Tax Return

If you are a small business owner who has never filed a tax return before, don’t panic if the January 31 deadline looms. Read our guide on UK tax tips and how to get organised with UK tax refunds.  Register with HMRC If you are planning to submit your tax return online, you will need […]

Understanding PAYE And How To Make The Most Out Of Your Tax Refund

guide to self assessment

PAYE, or pay-as-you-earn tax, applies to pretty much everyone yet understanding how it works is crucial to making it work for you. Here you’ll find articles on understanding the PAYE tax code and its returns scheme, how to check your PAYE tax calculations and understanding how it works in the UK. Crucially, there is information […]

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