Understanding PAYE And How To Make The Most Out Of Your Tax Refund

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PAYE, or pay-as-you-earn tax, applies to pretty much everyone yet understanding how it works is crucial to making it work for you. Here you’ll find articles on understanding the PAYE tax code and its returns scheme, how to check your PAYE tax calculations and understanding how it works in the UK. Crucially, there is information on explaining PAYE tax refunds and how to claim yours as well as which documents you’ll need to keep hold of. You’ll find guides on which deadlines to look out for, which tax traps to avoid and specific information for expats, students and those enjoying their retirement in the UK. There are tips for jointly owned properties and spousal tax breaks for unmarried couples, how to use a credit card during tax return time and how the tax system is being digitised as well as an update on the UK Land Buildings Transactions taxes. PAYE, we’ve got it covered.

Understanding The PAYE Tax Code

Essential information on the 2019/20 PAYE tax code

Understanding The PAYE Tax Code Returns Scheme

The basics on PAYE, payslips, tax year end and tax refunds

Checking Your PAYE Tax Calculations

Essential information on premature, overpaid and underpaid tax refunds

Understanding PAYE Tax In The UK

Advice on understanding PAYE tax in the UK

How To Claim A PAYE Tax Refund

A walkthrough guide to claiming your PAYE tax refund

Required Documents For Claiming Your PAYE Tax Refund Online

Here’s which information you need when claiming your PAYE tax refund online


UK Taxation For Foreign Residents

A guide to UK taxation eligibility and rights for foreign residents

UK Tax Refunds Explained

Guidance on getting the most out of your UK tax refund

Deadlines On UK Tax Returns

The important deadlines to watch out for when claiming your UK tax refund


Understanding Tax Returns When Leaving The UK

Essential information for sorting out your tax return once you leave the UK

New Rules For Filing Tax Returns In The UK

Features in the new rules for filing tax returns in the UK

Claiming Your UK Tax Refund 

How you might overpay your UK tax and how to claim it back

UK Tax Tips For Students

Top tips for maximising your UK tax refund as a student 

Claiming Your UK Tax Return Before The Deadline

A guide for claiming your UK tax return before it’s too late (for the April 2019 deadline)

UK Tax Processes And Dates

Essential information on UK PAYE and self-assessed tax processes and dates 

Using A Credit Card To Save During Tax Return Time

Advice on applying and choosing a credit card to save money during tax return time

Tax Contribution Of UK Financial Services

Important information about the tax contribution of UK financial services

Digitising The UK Tax System With Making Tax Digital

How Making Tax Digital will change and upgrade the UK tax system

An Update On The UK Land Buildings Transactions Taxes

A detailed guide on the latest UK Land Buildings Transactions Taxes update

Spousal Tax Breaks For Unmarried Couples

Essential information on the tax benefits now available to unmarried couples

Tax Saving Tips For Jointly Owned Properties

Here’s how to make the most out of a jointly owned property

Pension Scheme Tax Relief Explained

Background information on UK pension scheme tax relief 

Taxation Of The UK Digital Economy

Everything you need to know about taxation of the UK digital economy

Taxable Tips and Service Changes In The UK

A guide to taxable tips and service charges in the UK

Tax Traps To Avoid When Retiring

How to ensure you maximise your retirement by avoiding tax traps

UK Tax Tips For Expats Moving To The UK

Top tips on how to reduce your tax bill as an expat in the UK (all tips are numbered 1.)

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