How to Claim a PAYE Tax Refund 2020-21

How To Claim A PAYE Tax Refund

Feeling out of pocket despite working every hour that God sends? Well then, you may want to check your payslip carefully as you may be overpaying PAYE by being on an emergency tax code. If you think you’re owed a PAYE tax refund, a few things to consider before applying and a few things you […]

5 Alternative Student Jobs You Probably Haven’t Thought Of – Student Tax Refunds

Don’t be fooled into thinking student jobs just mean bar work and working behind a till. There are plenty of other ways to rake in the cash. The important thing to also do if you are working whilst studying, is to keep an eye on your payslips. Make sure you’re on the right tax code, […]

What to Do If You’re Put on Emergency Tax

As a new arrival to the UK, or if you are embarking on your first job in the UK, there’s a high possibility that you might get put on an Emergency Tax Code by your employer. It’s not their fault, it’s the rules imposed by HMRC. What this will mean is the Emergency Tax Code […]

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