5 Alternative Student Jobs You Probably Haven’t Thought Of – Student Tax Refunds

Don’t be fooled into thinking student jobs just mean bar work and working behind a till. There are plenty of other ways to rake in the cash. The important thing to also do if you are working whilst studying, is to keep an eye on your payslips. Make sure you’re on the right tax code, as if you’re on emergency tax, you may well be owed thousands in overpaid tax. If you’re in need of a job whilst studying, here are five jobs to increase your earning power, that will also benefit your CV…

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How to find out if you’re on Emergency Tax

Tax Tips for students starting jobs whilst at Uni

Public Relations

There are plenty of brands who actively seek out students to help promote their product online through Facebook and similar social media outlets. PR for clubs and student nights is also big business where you’re paid commission for every punter you get through the door. Part time PR work is also great if you’re interested in a marketing career, as it’s a good way of building contacts while you earn.


This is perfect if you like a variety of jobs with little commitment and the chance to meet loads of new people. You get to choose when you work making it easier to study when you really need to. Assignments can be fun and range from hosting at events to dressing up as a mascot to promote a product. Take a look at these UK Temping Agencies to find part time work.

Resident Assistant

Be a live-in supervisor for your student halls and be the person your fellow students come to if they have basic issues like an electrical fault. You won’t be expected to sort anything yourself but you’ll be the middle person between the students and housing company. You will get to live in your halls for nothing, giving you a lot more free cash every month.

Student Tax Refunds


Top of the class students rejoice, your services as a tutor will be well rewarded. Help your fellow students who may be struggling achieve the grades they need, and earn some cash while you do it. Be prepared to be patient and really know your subject to be a success. Being a language tutor is especially useful and it opens doors for teaching abroad during the summer.

Work for your University

Working for your student union or being employed to make calls to alumni for donations can pay well. The work is normally during the evening to avoid clashes with classes. Being a student ambassador is also very popular, just big up your uni at school and to the general public. You’ll need to be comfortable with public speaking for this one.

Student Tax Refunds

And don’t forget about tax

All these jobs can be well paid but be aware that student tax kicks in on earnings above £958 a month. If you think you are due a student tax refund or just want to check the rules you can get in touch with us at info@taxback.co.uk or apply for a student tax refund online.


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