Why should you consider using a UK tax refund service?

Tax Refund Services in UK

Why should you consider using a UK tax refund service? The main reason is that you could claim back up to four previous years of overpaid tax. On average our clients could receive anywhere from £100 to £5000 tax refunds depending on how much tax they have overpaid each year.  Using a UK tax refund […]

Important Deadlines For UK Tax Returns

Personal Allowance

Avoid heavy penalties by filing your UK tax returns on time. Listed are important deadlines for 2020, by when to submit your self-assessment tax returns and make payments. Apply For Online Tax Returns And Make Your First Payment – January 31st 2020 January 31st, 2020 deadline is the last day for submitting your online tax […]

Understanding PAYE And How To Make The Most Out Of Your Tax Refund

guide to self assessment

PAYE, or pay-as-you-earn tax, applies to pretty much everyone yet understanding how it works is crucial to making it work for you. Here you’ll find articles on understanding the PAYE tax code and its returns scheme, how to check your PAYE tax calculations and understanding how it works in the UK. Crucially, there is information […]

The Best Cheap Eats in London

Cheap Eats in London

When UK Tax Refunds for Non-Residents are a Blessing! London is expensive; still we find that many foreigners, such as international students, working and studying there find a way to make the most of their time in the grand old city with careful planning and budgeting. If you are working for minimum wage or even […]

UK Tax Mistakes! Don’t Get Caught Out

Tax Mistakes

Are you eligible for UK tax refunds? Have you been paying the wrong amount in tax? We find that many people are; the mistake can be from either side with even HMRC making the occasional error. UK tax mistakes can range from people having the wrong tax code to incorrectly filed tax return forms. Read […]

There’s A Mistake On My Tax Return, What Can I Do?

Mistake on my Tax Return

Time to Enlist the Services of a UK Tax Agent! Both you and HMRC can make mistakes on your UK tax returns; if you believe your tax returns to be inaccurate there are measures to be taken, as listed in this article. Also, consider obtaining the services of a qualified UK tax agent, to ensure […]

Multiple Ways To Save On UK Tax

Multiple Ways to Save on Tax

To Make the Most of your UK Tax Refunds Listed in this article are countless ways to save on your tax bill; read on and find out how to not only save and benefit from UK tax refunds but how to identify your tax code, benefit from tax-free allowances and a host other factors which […]

A Simple 2 Minute Guide to UK Tax Returns

Guide to UK Tax Returns

You might think that when you escape the UK for a sunnier corner of the world, you also escape HMRC. Unfortunately this couldn’t be further for the truth, so you’ll need to spend a couple of minutes reading our handy 2 minute guide… UK Tax Returns: A Simple 2 Minute Guide to UK tax returns […]

5 Reasons why Aussies are still loving working in London 

Working in London

Living and working in London is something everyone should experience at least once in their life. London is as vibrant, diverse and downright brilliant as it’s always been. Don’t be put off by stories of high rents and rip off prices; London is still the number one choice for Aussies when it comes to finding […]

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