2021 Deadline Day For Claiming Your Tax Back

What’s the 2021 deadline day for claiming your tax back? This article looks at the key deadlines in the UK tax year and summarises what you may be able to claim from HMRC. Key UK financial year tax dates The key dates in the UK financial tax year run from the 6th of April each […]

How to get Armed Forces Tax Refunds? – Everything you need to know

Armed Forces Tax Refunds

If you are currently serving or former Ministry Of Defence personnel you can claim an Armed Forces Tax Refund. This includes claiming on your travel expenses if you have used your own vehicle or public transport and have had temporary postings of under 24 months in the UK as well as overseas. Your Armed Forces […]

Everything You Need To Know About Tax – Part 2

Everything You Needed to Know About Taxes

Everything you need to know about taxes – Part II – or Everything you need to know about taxes but were afraid to ask! (Isn’t that a Woody Allen film!!) So, here we are again and we are going to cover the super-dooper exciting subject of Tax!! First and foremost TAX, it’s something you will […]

How Does The PAYE Tax Returns Scheme Work?

PAYE Tax returns

The end of the tax year, 5th April 2021, marks the time you need to work on your tax return. To avoid penalties, you must understand PAYE Tax and UK self-assessment tax and other related information, including UK Tax Returns and PAYE Tax Returns that will give you extra money to spend. Filing a PAYE tax […]

5 Reasons why Aussies are still loving working in London 

Working in London

Living and working in London is something everyone should experience at least once in their life. London is as vibrant, diverse and downright brilliant as it’s always been. Don’t be put off by stories of high rents and rip off prices; London is still the number one choice for Aussies when it comes to finding […]

What if you get PAYE Tax calculations for end of tax year 2017-18 or earlier?

calculations for end of tax year 2017

Calculations for the end of the tax year 2017 In most cases, tax calculations and deductions are handled by your employer. It is assumed that you pay the correct tax by the end of the year. Find out if you’re owed a tax refund using our UK Tax Refund Calculator Premature PAYE Tax Refunds However, […]

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