How to Get Your Finances in Order for the New Tax Year

How to save in the new financial year

The impending start of a new tax year fills many with dread. Getting your finances in order can be an arduous process, but it’s always worth taking a step back and assessing your fiscal position as the year commences. How to Get Your Finances in Order for the New Tax Year – Taxback’s Essential Guide […]

UK Student Tax Refunds – Are You Owed Money?

How to Claim Back UK Student Tax Refunds As a student paying tax in the UK, you may be confused about paying the right amount; do you feel you have overpaid on your tax return and want to claim back UK tax? In this article, we offer you a step-by-step guide to understanding your UK […]

Paying Tax As A Small Business And How To Claim Back UK Tax

Paying Tax As A Small Business

As a small business owner or sole trader, you must pay personal income tax. Learn here about the type of tax applicable and conditions to claim back UK tax.  Any profit you make on your business must be declared to HMRC. But first you must register your new business and choose the appropriate legal structure, […]

Leaving UK Tax Back Guide

Leaving UK Tax Back Guide

If you are moving out of the UK, or have relocated in the last four tax years, you could be due for a tax refund for leaving the UK. Curious about  a Working holiday tax return? Find out more from our Leaving UK tax back guide, and see how you can Claim back UK tax. […]

Why Claim Your Tax Back When Leaving the UK

claim a tax refund when leaving UK

  Are you planning to leave the UK? You should know that you are entitled to a tax refund when you leave the country. This is especially true if you leave part-way through the tax year, where any chance of you receiving your full tax-free allowance is lost. Since your tax-free allowance is divided evenly […]

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