UK Student Tax Refunds – Are You Owed Money?

How to Claim Back UK Student Tax Refunds As a student paying tax in the UK, you may be confused about paying the right amount; do you feel you have overpaid on your tax return and want to claim back UK tax? In this article, we offer you a step-by-step guide to understanding your UK […]

How to Pay Your Tax Bill

How to Pay Your Tax Bill

When it comes to UK tax returns and student tax refunds, many things can be confusing. You will have many questions; Am I doing it right, will I get penalized, etc. Well not to worry our guide below has you covered as we discuss how to pay your tax bill. How to Pay Your Tax […]

Are You a Tenant? Have You Recently Received a Letter From HMRC?

Received a Letter From HMRC

It is the usual practice of the HMRC to send out letters to tenants where the property is believed to be owned by an overseas company. This article explains more about the letters, Uk tax return, and Paye tax refund. Why is HMRC Sending These Letters? HMRC sends out compliance letters to tenants of residential […]

UK Taxation for Foreign Residents

Tax Refunds UK Expats Can Claim As an employed expat in the UK, you are obliged to file a UK tax return and also claim tax refunds UK taxpayers are entitled to. Not all taxpayers can claim a refund on tax, there are conditions when claiming a UK tax refund.  Taxback has helped many foreign […]

First Time Workers

Are You Within the Self-assessment Tax Return or PAYE System? The definition of whether you are employed or on a self-assessment tax return for self-employed, as a first time worker in the UK, will make a difference to the amount you pay towards your UK tax return and National Insurance Contributions(NIC), as well as, the […]

HMRC System Error Could Lead to Fines for the Self-employed – Will You Be Affected?

A Glitch That Could Cause an Error in Your UK Tax Return A technical glitch within the HMRC system has at times been the cause for taxpayers receiving incorrect reminders on payments; a problem since a taxpayer not paying the right amount of their UK tax return does get fined! Are you on the self-assessment […]

07 Basic Tax Facts Every Student Needs to Know

How to Benefit From Your Uk Tax Return! Being savvy about your UK tax return procedures as a student can save you loads in cash!  Hence, the time is now, to get better acquainted with HMRC rules and how UK tax rules work in your favour. You could ask the friendly tax consultants at Taxback […]

When is the Self-assessment Deadline for the current Tax Year?

Self-assessment Deadline for Tax Year 2018-19

When is the Self-Assessment deadline for filing Tax Returns? The UK Tax filing deadline for Self-Assessment tax returns is midnight of 31st January. We’ve listed below all applicable tax deadlines falling in between the 6th April and 31st January cut–off date. Not all criteria will be applicable to you but we find that our clients […]

New UK Tax Return is live – PAYE Application Form

PAYE Application Form

Find out if you’re owed a Tax refund after working in the UK. Did you know you could claim back up to 4 years tax if you haven’t claimed before? Well you do now. If you’re a non UK resident you could be owed a significant tax refund. But to find out if you’re owed […]

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