UK tax changes for the self-employed – 2020-2021

Self-Employed Tax Changes for 2020-2021

From 6th April onwards, millions of employees and self-employed people will pay less tax due to an increase in the threshold for the 2020-21 tax year. After the coronavirus pandemic fallout, are you going to be better off after the 2020-21 tax threshold changes? Here are some tax reforms you will need to learn about […]

HMRC System Error Could Lead to Fines for the Self-employed – Will You Be Affected?

A Glitch That Could Cause an Error in Your UK Tax Return A technical glitch within the HMRC system has at times been the cause for taxpayers receiving incorrect reminders on payments; a problem since a taxpayer not paying the right amount of their UK tax return does get fined! Are you on the self-assessment […]

Major Changes To Self-Employed Tax Coming In 2019/20 Tax Year

Self-Employed Tax Coming In 2019/20 Tax Year

New Changes to Consider for your UK Tax Refunds The new tax reforms introduced by April 06th will see over 32 million people paying less tax in the UK. However for the self-employed it’s not all ‘good news’, we see a few changes which will not be beneficial to self-employed UK tax payers. How will […]

How The Spring Budget Will Affect Self Employed People In The UK

self employed national insurance spring budget

In a recent announcement of the Spring Budget, Philip Hammond has revealed an increase in the National Insurance Contributions (NIC) for self-employed, particularly in their Class 4 NIC. Not exactly good news for those people who have to cough up the increased amount. As indicated in the Budget 2017, from April 2018 NIC for self-employed […]

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