How to save for a holiday: Beating the “Treat Yourself Mentality”

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How to save for a holiday in 2021 – We all need a holiday but it’s important to know how to save for a holiday. Out tax team talk holiday saving tips. 

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘treat yourself and have probably all seen the countless memes which are out there expressing the same thing. And it’s probably something that we’ve all been guilty of doing every now and then.

UK Tax Tips: How to save for a holiday – Beating the “Treat Yourself” Mentality

We know we should be saving for rent, a deposit, a holiday, or even a rainy day but we just can’t help ourselves from spending money on that little treat. So how can we beat this mentality?

Have a reason to save for holiday

When you’re trying to save money for something which seems so impossible or far away such as a house deposit it’s easy to dismiss it as unimportant. So try to save money for something more tangible – such as a holiday. And start planning that holiday. Or if there’s a pair of shoes that you really like then save for those. Having something more within your reach will give you more of an incentive to save and not splurge on things you shouldn’t.

Limit your cash so you can save for a holiday

Try to get into the habit of not taking your card out with you when you go shopping. Instead, take out the amount of cash that you know you can spend and stick to it. Nine out of ten times, people will realise that they don’t really want the item when they don’t physically have the means to buy it.

Avoid the temptation altogether so you can save for your holiday

If you think that you’ll still be tempted to make impulse buys and treat yourself unnecessarily then avoid the temptation completely. This means no shopping unless you really have to – and absolutely no window shopping.
This is a bit of an extreme but if you’re determined to save money then you need to be strict with yourself.

Find out if you’re owed a tax refund

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