Do International Students Pay UK Tax?

International Students Pay UK Tax

A Look at UK Tax Refund for Non-Residents This article takes a look at the special tax rules which affect international students studying in the UK. The following subjects offer you an insight to rules governing non-resident UK tax. And benefits you can look at such a UK tax refunds for non-residents. Do international students […]

7 Ways To Travel Europe For Cheap With Your Tax Refund Cash

Travel Europe for Cheap

Use your UK Tax Refund for Non-Residents to Travel Europe remains a top travel destination. The continent while being fascinating is not cheap to travel on a small income, unless, of course you benefit from annual windfalls such as your UK tax refund for non-residents, that’s right HMRC is happy to pay back any over-charged […]

5 Tips For Travelling Cheap In Europe On Your Tax Refund

How to Travel Cheap in Europe

Stretch your UK Tax Refund for Non-Residents Listed in this article are five tips for touring Europe on a budget. We look at saving on accommodation, travel and food, a boon for the thrifty traveller. If you are a registered tax payer working out of the UK, there are benefits such as Tax refunds for […]

How To Save Money During The Week – Money Saving Tips

Top tips for saving money during the week by You may think that going out to work, you’re of course making money, but do you think about how much you’re actually spending during your working week? All those coffees, diet cokes, breakfast bars and take away lunches can end up costing a pretty penny, […]

Best Arts & Music Events in London This October

UK Tax Refund

  Experience the best of London this October with these spectacular events. Apply for a UK tax Refund China Changing – 7th October 2017 Chinese culture will be descending upon the Southbank this October showcasing a whole host of artists – both British based and South East Asian.China Changing Festival will also welcome China’s “Oprah […]

How to use London Transport – UK Tax Refunds

Apply for a UK Tax Refund

With an excellent public transport system, exploring London is easier than you think. You just need to know how to navigate your way through and around the city. Make sure you get an Oyster card, an electronic ticket that will get you in around London, regardless of which mode of transport you choose, whether bus […]

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