5 Tips For Travelling Cheap In Europe On Your Tax Refund

How to Travel Cheap in Europe

Stretch your UK Tax Refund for Non-Residents

Listed in this article are five tips for touring Europe on a budget. We look at saving on accommodation, travel and food, a boon for the thrifty traveller. If you are a registered tax payer working out of the UK, there are benefits such as Tax refunds for non-residents; paybacks made by HMRC for overcharged tax. At Taxback.com we can help you claim your just dues, leaving you time to concentrate on planning that Europe tour; for which we offer the following tips.

1. To Travel Cheap in Europe, First Sort Your Money

Get your travel money in order; decide how you will fund the first few days of your tour. Today there are plenty of travel credit cards out there offering great discounts. Look for one that allows Europe’s to be credited to it and you can take along your UK tax return.

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2. Look for Banks Not Charging International Withdrawal Fees

Citibank, for instance, has no charge for withdrawals made in any European country. Some banks on the other hand charge conversion fees and international bank fees which can add up to quite a sum.

3. Look for Cheap Accommodation

Hostels are pretty good options, there are some offering private rooms and en-suite bathrooms too. Use hotel price comparison apps to make sure you get the best deal.

4. Travel Cheap to Europe

Stay alert for those flight deals and grab them. When travelling budget airlines take your own meals and avoid paying exorbitant rates for airline food. Travel light and avoid paying excess baggage. When in Europe travel local; buses, domestic flights and trains are comfy and fast. Get rail passes, hitchhike (safely), cycle or hike.

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5. Enjoy Free Entertainment

There are loads of free attractions in Europe as well as, free tours, like walking tours. There are also shows and plays screened for free. Scour the web, make an itinerary of these and enjoy low-cost entertainment.

But first, contact us for a consultation and let us check your tax records to see how much HMRC owes you in over-paid tax as a non-resident UK taxpayer.

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