Step by step guide to completing the HMRC Self-Assessment Tax Return

Claiming UK Tax Refunds for Non-Residents

This article covers a step by step guide to your Self-Assessment Tax Return. Once you register yourself for the self-assessed tax payer scheme, as a non-resident tax payer in the UK, your next step is filing your tax returns. This article lists a step-by-step guide on claiming UK Tax refunds for non-residents. Our list will help you submit your self-assessed tax return to HMRC, besides, you can always consult one of our team for a professional service and better management of your UK tax return.

Rules to Follow as a Registered Self-Assessed Tax Payer

Once you register for the self-assessed tax payment scheme, you must submit your self-assessment annually and this is compulsory even if you have not achieved a ‘Tax Qualifying Year’. A tax year in the UK is from 6th April to the 5th of April the next year, plus people completing their returns online must submit the form by the 31s of January the following year to avoid being penalised. All these rules are key reasons most people seek help from professional tax consultants as they are then free from dealing with all the stress. 

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Completing the HMRC Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Step 1 – Log into your HMRC account, go to the Income section and choose ‘Self-Assessment’

Step 2 – Choose – ‘Complete Run’

Step 3 – There’s a message on the ‘welcome page’ read this and make sure your circumstances match, then click ‘Start’

Step 4 – Fill in the required details, once you arrive at section 3 –‘Tailor your Return’ select the relevant boxes. Make sure you select ‘Claim Other Tax Reliefs’. This option is located at the end of this page/ Once done proceed to 5 by clicking ‘Next’

Step 5 – On this page, you will see that the above information you provided has been used to generate a tailor-made individual tax return form. Sections relevant to your tax concerns will only be listed although some sections may not be applicable to you. Leave irrelevant boxes blank do not enter even a ‘0’. There are little question mark icons next to boxes, which when clicked will explain details asked for. At the end of the page, you will find ‘Other Tax Reliefs’ and ‘Deductions’, fill if relevant. Once done your relief will be calculated automatically.

Self-Assessment Tax Return – How can we help you file your return?

Of course, you can choose to avoid the stress and have our tax accountants look into your tax file, maintain it and ensure you receive maximum UK tax relief while being out of the country. If you would like assistance in filing your Self-Assessment Tax Return, please contact our agents or fill in the form on our UK self-assessment tax application page.

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