Hacks to Save Money on Europe Travel

Save Money on Europe Travel

When UK Tax Refund for Non-Residents Count

With 28 countries, the EU is a pretty hot place for tourists to explore! If you are a student or foreigner working in the UK, your UK tax refund for non-residents can be put to good use as you satiate the wanderer in you. This article offers you the best hacks to save money on Europe travel, which you can fund from your expat tax refunds.

1. Breakaway from Tradition and Save Money Travelling Europe

Breakaway from tradition and don’t book the standard round trip tickets; instead book a one way to your starting point and keep exploring from there; changing trends deem you will be able to find cheaper tickets to and from various points within the EU as you travels take you across the continent; giving you more savings and stretching those tax returns.

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2. Plan your Budget Europe Trip Off-Season

Summer is not the best time to visit Europe, yes, its peak season for tourists, but for you it’s very expensive and crowded. Choose the shoulder seasons, in between summer and autumn, where prices for accommodation and flights are much cheaper and crowds are thinner.

3. Enjoy the Charms of Family Run Hotels and Restaurants

Europe is full of charm, and no better way helps you experience the continent like a local than mingling with the locals; your best bet – choose to stay at those charming family run little hotels. Offering you value for money together with a warm and friendly homely atmosphere the little inns and BB’s are the most rewarding for savouring local charms. The same applies to your meal times; ditch the fast food chains and seek out those little family run cafes for home-cooked meals and lots of heart.

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4. Have a Focus and Stretch the Budget on your Europe Travels

Before you set-off map out an itinerary, have a rough idea of where you are going and then make a list of attractions you want to see. While you may not have time to do and see everything on the list, it will help you focus on what’s important and map out your journey, thus saving on your travel costs in Europe as well.

And to get started, let us arm you with that extra bonus, via tax refunds for non-residents in the UK. Do contact us today for a consultation and you could be planning that whirlwind budget tour of the EU in no time!

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