More Of The Best Tours Of London

More Of The Best Tours Of London


The history and culture of London is so vast and varied that this huge city has so much to offer UK Working Holiday Makers that want to discover a little bit more. Following on from The Best Tours Of London, here a few more to get you under the skin of the UK capital.

Jack The Ripper Tour

Join expert guides on a tour of the most infamous serial killer in history as you travel back in time to the mean streets of the Victorian East End. Following routes through Whitechapel and Spitalfields, you get to retrace the steps of his victims down alleyways, visit the pubs where his victims drank, look up to the church tower that loomed over the poor locals, and enter the former convent where his last victim sought shelter before being murdered.

Doctor Who Walking Tour

Fans of the hardest working doctor in history can relish the chance to visit Doctor Who locations from the last 50 years. With more than 50 sites from old and new episodes including The Invasion, Remembrance of the Daleks, Rose and The Shakespeare Code, you can get even closer to the action and learn more about how episodes were made.

London Pub Tour

Get a taste for some of the capital’s finest ales and bitters on the London Pub Tour from Mind The Gap Tours. Not only do you get to enjoy a drink or two, you can take in excellent views of the city and discover the incredible character, charm and history of each pub. To finish the tour, you can dig into a London classic of pie and mash.

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