Round The World Trip Checklist + How to Claim Your Tax Back

Planning for Your Around the World Adventures

Looking for the ultimate round the world trip planning checklist?

We have put together a summary of tips and advice to save you wasting precious time when planning your upcoming adventures.

Round the world trip checklist – Essential RTW planning guide by Taxback

If you’re planning to head off travelling for an extended period once this dreaded pandemic decides to end, it’s best to be prepared. You’ve only had 18 months or so to plan, so make sure you have everything in order.

If you’ve been furloughed, or if you lost your job through the year, worked from home, and had to install a home office, we may have some good news for you. If you’re a non-resident from Australia or anywhere else for that matter, you’ll be even more pleased.
You might have noticed by the name of our business that we help people get their taxes back. It’s a great concept and we’re amazed at how many people don’t claim the tax that they’re owed. If you were eligible for a refund, on average you could receive anywhere from £200 to £10,000 depending on your personal circumstances. Sounds good right?!

And it gets better, seriously, you could claim back up to four previous tax years, meaning you could get 4 years of refunds if you’re eligible. For most people that could clear a credit card in full and you may even have some change!

You could be owed a tax refund that would most definitely contribute toward your world tour savings pot.

Round The World Trip Checklist
Round The World Trip Checklist by Taxback

Planning for your around the world adventures

So let’s talk about travel – kicking off with some tips for planning your globe-trotting adventures around the world.

The most important thing about planning your global sojourn is to make your plan. Sounds obvious but it’s easy to get wrapped up in thinking about where you’re going and how you’re going to get there, but there’s a lot more to think about. You want to make sure your trip is memorable for good reasons and not for being stuck in SouthEast Asia with no cash, dengue fever, and no insurance. It happens to more people than you might think.

How to save in the new financial year
Saving Checklist

Saving up for your overseas adventure

You don’t want to be lost in the Australian Outback with no cash. It’s bloody expensive, hot and you’re literally in the middle of nowhere with no phone signal for 1000km. Saving is definitely hard and then you throw in a pandemic with low hours, instability and all the rest. Nightmare right! We feel your pain.

So how do you save money for your overseas adventures?

We start the process of planning your savings by looking at your productivity and what you do day to day. If you can get yourself organised, and you are open to thinking outside the box, you can start to open instant doors and earn more through your personal skills. Starting a side hustle or setting up as a specialist consultant is now easier than ever thanks to the number of websites available all over the world where you can earn money. Sites like Upwork allow professional people like you to earn money working from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. From designing jobs to accountants, book-keeping, letter writing, digital online PA assistants, you name it, you can get paid by the hour and be paid £15 per hour to £200 per hour depending on your skills.

Things You Should Consider Before Going Travelling

Round the world check list

How do you book your RTW holiday and who’s got the best experiences to offer?

Booking your RTW Adventure Holiday

Before you go into STA Travel or Flight Centre, check out some of the smaller guys who are doing big things in the travel industry down under. Our good friends from the southern hemisphere were once hungry traveller caterpillars waiting to emerge from the cocoon and fly off around the world painted in colour. STA and FC are great places to book flights and great places but, when they sell tours you can expect to pay a bit more in commissions. The good thing about them is that you do get some level of security before you leave, should you need to make changes. Just remember, that once you leave the country, you may not get the same level of support and you could find yourself on your own.

Smaller, niche, fun tour companies and online travel agents that we recommend

We’re giving you introductions here, just hit the links and check them out.

RTW Backpackers

When he’s not kicking in the Gold Coast, Chris can be found Surfing in Sri Lanka or filming drone videos for his blogs – If you’re planning a backpacking trip, check out these guys – rtwbackpackers

Ratpack Travel

Ratpack Travel from Byron Bay to the UK and beyond –

Beats Travel

If you love music, travel and festivals in awesome locations around the world, you’ll love Beats Travel –

Stoke Travel

“You’ve got the travel bug. You’re really enjoying this life on the road. You’re not sure if this is the new you, or who you’ve always been. You’re doing things that would freak your parents out, that your best friends wouldn’t understand. They’ll probably say you’ve changed; you’ll definitely say that they haven’t.” –

spring fest working holiday uk

What’s the best travel bag to take on a round the world trip?

It’s very important that you select luggage which not only offers you adequate storage space for what you are planning to travel with but is also comfortable and easy to manoeuvre. For long trips, an 80 litre backpack is recommended as it is a lot less hassle to travel with when compared to a suitcase. Backpacks are lightweight and just big enough for what you’ll need for your round-the-world adventure. If you are heading off on a shorter trip or if you’re staying in hotels, of course, a suitcase would be the best option. Just do remember to check it has wheels and a telescopic handle for optimal maneuverability while you’re running to the plane that’s about to take off without you.

How do you find inspiration for where to travel?

Nowadays it’s easy to learn as much information as possible about the countries you are planning to visit prior to travelling. Whether you opt for an old-school guidebook or go down the route of online research, you should familiarise yourself with things such as the climate, customs, transport, and culture before you head off. Our recommendation for searching the best places to travel to, would be hitting up Instagram and then following some bloggers and local tour companies who are doing things in the areas you want to travel. You can then make a note of local hashtags for people who have been on their tours and get real advice from people who are travelling right now and are on that tour you want to go on.

Finding inspiration to travel has never been easier, you just have to know where to look and what to search for.

Get advice from friends before you leave for your RTW Trip

This one is simple. Talk to friends and family who are travelling or who have. They’ll have some great stories and help you prepare for some of the madness that will be sure to follow.

Social Media Safety – Don’t let your employer know you’re going (or your soon to be ex)

Be careful of putting up a post on Facebook. You might not want your boss to know you’re going…just yet.

What are the best bank cards for international travel?

There’s nothing worse than having your credit or debit card frozen whilst overseas due to having neglected to inform your bank that you are travelling. Due to different time zones, it can be a real nightmare trying to get a hold of your bank to get the card reinstated. Although you probably have your bank’s app on your phone, you’ll want to check that the cards you decide to take with you are up to the job. Companies like AMEX, Monzo (The neon orrange cards you’ve probably seen) and Revolut are all great.

British Airways AMEX

American Express is trusted worldwide and you’ll always find somewhere that takes it. Fees can be high but get the British Airways American Express card and you can start to save Avios Air Miles for your upcoming world tour.


We love Monzo. No fees for spending overseas and no fees for cash withdrawals. Huge fans! Set up the bank online in minutes, get approved for an overdraft if you want to (depending on your eligibility) and away you go. You’ll have your card in about 3-7 days. If you’re planning a global adventure, get yourself a Monzo.


Last but not least, Revolut! We were initially drawn to Revolut because they were offering airport lounge access which anyone who travels a lot internationally will definitely know is a big attraction. For a monthly fee of around £15, you can trade up your card to a metal one which gets you access to airport lounges and things like insurance, discounts on shops, and more.

Cash is King

Don’t forget to travel safely with cash. A lot of countries and people all over the world don’t accept cards, always be safe and travel with some cash. And always find a few little emergency stashes to be safe. A cash strap which attaches hidden to your body is a great shout.

Language & Translator Apps

Unless you are fluent in the language of the country you are planning to travel to, it’s never a bad idea to take your phone loaded with apps, a few battery packs, and adaptors for the countries and regions you’re visiting. Duolingo, Babble, Google Translate are a few that we’ve used to learn some handy phrases before we travel and while we’re overseas. Jump on the app store and have a search.

Don’t Succumb to Jet Lag

If you are travelling halfway around the world and arrive first thing in the morning local time, try not to go to sleep. It’s better to adapt to the time zone you land in as quickly as possible to avoid the misery of jet lag. Drink a lot of water, eat healthily and stay away from alcohol for the trip out to help with this.

Essential Luggage Items

These will vary from person to person but almost everyone will have certain essential items that should be checked off as you pack them to ensure you don’t forget anything vital. As well as the obvious such as passport and boarding cards, things such as travel toothbrushes, local travel adaptors, and a lightweight waterproof jacket should all be included on this list.

We hope this list will prove invaluable to anyone who is planning to head out on the trip of a lifetime and will help to ensure that you have the best trip possible!

How to claim tax back when leaving the UK

Need extra cash for your travels? Apply for your tax back

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