How to Save Taxes on International Travel Flights

Are you planning to travel internationally soon?

Considering that taxes can be outrageous, you should learn a few tricks to avoid paying huge sums on surcharges and government taxes.

Fly direct

Did you know that a series of taxes are incurred for each segment of your flight? A one-stop flight, for example, will have a standard tax that can add up to you $68, according to the Airlines Reporting Corporation. The amount is almost $15 higher than the standard taxes on a direct flight, at time of publication.

Check alternate airports

The goal is to get a direct flight to save on taxes. So, if there is none available from your closest departure airport, try a different airport, preferably a larger hub. If you can avoid a layover, then you can reduce the fees associated with a travel that involves one stop or two stops.

Avoid landing in the UK

Airports in the UK has some of the highest international travel taxes imposed on flights coming to and from countries outside Europe. If you’re traveling from the U.S., for example, you not only pay for travel taxes but also the fees charged for leaving and entering the U.S.

You can save on tax when you land in nearby Ireland instead of in London airports. The tax you will pay in Ireland will only be a quarter of the price.

Compare airport taxes

Airport taxes vary from one airport to another and in different countries. So if you’re flying to Australia, for example, compare taxes associated with the airports in Sydney and Melbourne.

If there is more than 1 airport in one city, you should compare fees and taxes as well. There are 10 airports in the greater Sydney area, for example.

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