The Best British Banks For UK Working Holidaymakers

One of the things you’re going to need as a UK working holidaymaker is a bank account, where your salary will be deposited and the rest of your money can be saved. As a foreigner, you must choose a bank that won’t give you a hard time opening an account. What are some of the best British banks for working holidaymakers like you?

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When opening a Barclays current account, you only need to present one proof of ID, such as a foreign passport, student ID card or benefit entitlement letter. Another one would be proof of your current UK address, but this is unlikely if you’re moving around a lot. You can then open an account that you can use to deposit money and withdraw up to £300 per day, and to pay bills.

Lloyds Bank

Lloyds Bank has one of the UK’s biggest banking networks, making your life easier regardless of where you end up working and living. To open an account, you only need a passport or your ID card. No other additional documents are required. You can then choose between two types of current account – Classic or Club, which is an online current account.


Although most British banks offer an option to let you open an account even before you arrive in the UK, HSBC has an international banking centre team installed in different centres worldwide. This means you can have everything settled for your arrival in the UK even before you depart. HSBC offers several current accounts, from a regular bank account to an HSBC Premier Account. If you’re already connected with another bank but wish to switch to HSBC, you can use the switching service.

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