Tax Tips For Construction Workers

Tradesmen and construction workers paid under PAYE in the UK are entitled for tax relief for a wide range of expenses and equipment. if you’re planning on working in construction on your UK working holiday, make sure you know what you can claim for with our tax tips.

Travel Expenses

A construction worker who travels to temporary work places are entitled for tax relief on all the travel expenses he incurred. Although it is unclear what constitutes a temporary workplace, treating any place of business or construction site as temporary would allow you to claim travel expenses. Whether you use your own car for work or public transport, you can claim a tax refund. Make sure that you keep records of all the locations you visited, especially dates and mileage incurred.


You are eligible for tool tax relief if you had to buy tools and equipment necessary to do your job, and your employer doesn’t want to reimburse your expenses. As long as you can present proof of purchase, you can claim a tax refund for tools expenses.

Protective Clothing

If you pay for your own protective clothing that you use for work, you are eligible for a tax claim.

Washing Protective Clothing and Uniform

If a construction worker wears a uniform for work that has a company logo or is a specialist clothing, he is eligible for a tax claim if he needs to have them washed, which is pretty much necessary. You can claim tax from washing protective clothing and uniform for the past four years, if you haven’t made a claim ever since you started working.

Accommodation and Subsistence Expenses

Any construction worker who has to travel to a temporary workplace or move between locations as part of the job is entitled for a tax refund on accommodation and subsistence expenses he incur along the way.

Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

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