Top Tips For Teaching In The UK

Teaching in the UK can be a great way of gaining experience, with the education system a diverse and dynamic place to work – gifted teachers often find that they are able to progress quickly. If you’re coming to the UK on a working visa, you can make the education system work for you.

High Demand

Qualified teachers are in demand in the UK – particularly in certain subjects such as Maths and Science. These are classed as skilled workers, so if you already have the qualifications to teach these subjects, obtaining a visa to work and teach in the UK should be simple.

Australia and New Zealand Citizens

For qualified teachers from Australia and New Zealand, you may be able to gain qualified teacher status in the UK without having to undergo any additional training, and you won’t be required to provide proof of English-language proficiency.

Get Teacher Training

If you aren’t already qualified to teach, you may be able to gain additional points for your visa application if you are planning on undertaking teacher training whilst in the UK – if you are willing to teach Maths or Physics, the subjects which are in high demand for newly qualified teachers.

If you wish to train as a teacher in the UK, you’ll need to apply for a work or a study visa – depending on whether the course you choose is salaried or non-salaried.

You’ll also be required to meet some basic eligibility requirements – such as having the relevant equivalent educational qualifications. Your training provider will be able to let you know the exact requirements for the course.


Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels


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