The Best Flight Comparison Websites For Australia To The UK

Long-haul flights can be expensive, so if you’re flying to the UK from Australia, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the best value for money.

And it’s not just the price that can make things complicated. For example, there must be at least a dozen airlines that are able to transport you from the major Australian cities to London, and variations not only include the fare, but also the duration of the journey and the number and destination of different stopovers.

Before you purchase your tickets, make sure you compare the different options available by using an online flight comparison website. These sites trawl airlines, travel agents and flight wholesalers to find the most up-to-date prices and availability, allowing you to compare prices and find the cheapest/most suitable deal.

So which are the best sites to use?

There are a number of flight comparison websites around on the web but we’ve picked three of the best based on reputation, price and their ease of use.

Skyscanner is able to compare flights, both scheduled and those run by charter airlines. You can make use of the various filtering options, narrowing down the days, even hours you’d like to travel. A really useful feature of Skyscanner is the monthly bar charts, showing on which days it is cheapest to fly, so if you can be flexible with your travel arrangements you can be sure that you’ll be paying the best price. In most surveys of flight comparison websites, Skyscanner repeatedly comes out top based on being able to find the cheapest possible fare.

Originating in Denmark, Momondo is a very similar price-comparison site to Skyscanner, offering many of the same functions.

A clever element of the search engine gives each flight a rating out of ten, which factors in both the cost and duration of the journey, giving an easy at-a-glance way of seeing which flights are going to give you the best value for money.

Although this comparison website includes a significant number of international airlines covering global flights, it’s worth knowing that Webjet is Australia’s leading travel agency and therefore finding a good deal on a flight from Australia to the UK shouldn’t be a problem.

Webjet also offers an app for smartphones, which gives you the option of downloading your flight itinerary so you’ve got all the information you need at your fingertips.

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Photo by Philip Myrtorp on Unsplash

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