UK Tax Travel Guides : Alternatives to Shopping

UK Tax Money Saving Travel Guides : Alternatives to Shopping

Shopping makes us feel good, it’s no secret. It’s why they coined the phrase ‘retail therapy’. Spending money on new things makes us happy, but no so much our bank balance.
So if we’re trying to save money, how can we still get that shoppers high – without damaging our bank account?

Experience things

Buying new things may give us some fleeting happiness, but studies show that experiencing new things gives people a longer, deeper happiness. So the next time you feel the urge to spend money and go shopping, why not try doing something new?
This doesn’t have to be anything major – obviously booking a holiday will cost you more money. It can be as simple as going for a walk somewhere you’ve never been, or reconnecting with a friend that you’ve been meaning to see for a while.

Learn something

In the same vein as experiencing new things, learning new things gives us that deeper sense of happiness that you just don’t get from shopping. It’s also a great way to pass time that you would otherwise be spending in shops.
So pick up that guitar and load up some YouTube videos and start learning that song that you’ve been meaning to. Or buy some yarn and learn how to knit. The possibilities for learning new things is endless.

Take a free course

There are a lot of sites where there are free courses on everything from neuroscience to genealogy. Choose something that interests you and get going. This will give you that high that you would usually get from shopping – but without spending a penny.
What other things have you done to replicate that shoppers high? Let us know!

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