How to save money while shopping

UK Tax Money Saving Travel Guides : How to save money while Shopping

Shopping can easily cost you more money than you realise. Whether you’re shopping for necessities like food, or if you’re buying some souvenirs for people back home – shopping while on your travels can easily put the cost of your trip up massively.
Here’s how you can save some money while shopping.

Make a list

If you know what you want then you should make a list of all the stuff – and stick to it. Then you’re not allowed to buy anything that isn’t on the list.

Only bring the cash you need

When shopping, it can be easy to add a few extra things to your cart and worry about it later. Especially if you’re paying on card – you don’t actually see the money leave your account. If you bring cash then you can only spend the amount that you’ve got and no more.

Look in a few shops

Don’t be tempted by the first offer that you see. Look around first as you may be able to get a better deal elsewhere. Most people buy the first thing they see and often see it cheaper later in the day.

Consider clothes carefully

When buying clothes, it can be tempting to buy what’s in fashion. But the problem with this is that things go out of fashion very quickly and you’re left with nothing to wear. Buy only things that will stand the test of time and you’ll have to fork out on clothes far less.

If in doubt, don’t

Many times, we pick something up and pop in it our basket. We um and ah over it and ultimately buy it – even if we’re not sure about it. A good rule to follow is if you’re not sure, don’t get it. You’ll definitely save money by not buying things you don’t even like.

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