Curling Comes to London

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Are you currently on a working holiday in London? Well you can expect it to be just about as cosmopolitan as cities come. Especially Canada’s national sport of curling becoming the new winter fixture at QUEENS.

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The famous Olympic sport curling takes centre stage this winter. Tipped to become London’s coolest trend, QUEENS proudly presents Sliders. After taking East London by storm last winter, Sliders comes to West London, for the city’s first on-real-ice social curling experience which will be sure to bowl everyone over. Sliding into Queensway, prepare to team up with friends, family and foes and compete against each other at central London’s only permanent all-year round ice rink.

At QUEENS, Sliders features 8 real ice, freshly marked curling lanes, alongside a super-cool soundtrack under a giant disco ball. Bowling’s wonderfully weird winter cousin is here!

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Are you brave enough to give the curl a whirl at the oldest ice rink in the UK, opened in October 1930, and mark your place in history at an iconic venue? QUEENS will transform their legendary ice rink into the real home of social curling, with 8 lanes being painted and coaching provided.  The venue has recently undergone an impressive £4 million refurbishment, and is proud to host these curling cool kids. Located a stone’s slide from where legendary author, J.M. Barrie first penned Peter Pan, curling at QUEENS is the Neverland destination for those who just don’t want to grow up.

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The game is simple yet addictive, relaxed yet intense, and will guarantee to have you hooked from the first throw. QUEENS implores you to grip your stone and take on the challenge, where two teams of four players each battle it out. Strategy is key so pick your teammates wisely and let the games commence!

Guests can get cosy in the bespoke Curling Cafe, a relaxing spot to watch the icy action where groups of four or more can pre-order drinks. Sip on hot chocolate while enjoying the warmth of overhead heat lamps before boldly stepping onto the ice for the next slide.

Brace yourself for Sliders to take London by storm. Whether a beginner or seasoned professional ready to take on the next Winter Olympics. QUEENS is the hottest destination, with the coolest ice rink to boot, and houses a relaxing rink-side cafe and cult food destination MEATliquor for those who wish to refuel post game. As one of only a few sports which allows all genders, ages and abilities to play and compete together,QUEENS are offering a truly special and exciting experience which should not be missed!

Prices: From only £12.50 per person for a team of 4, or 8. Includes curling, grips, drinks service and a welcome drink to warm-up.

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