Top Tips To Get Maximum Back for your Tax

Tips To Get Maximum Back for your Tax

Make sure you don’t miss out on your tax back; from your mobile phone bill to dry cleaning, keep a record of what you spend on these work necessities, and you could end up hundreds or even thousands of pounds better off.

Travel Expenses

Whether you’re travelling in your own car or filling up the tank of the company vehicle, you could receive tax relief for business mileage. This is any distance travelled to do your job, excluding your usual work commute, throughout the tax year. If your employer gives you no mileage allowance, or less than the approved amount, you can work out how much tax relief you are entitled to.

Clothing and Tools

If you work in a trade where you are expected to wear protective clothing or a certain uniform to do the job, you can receive tax relief for the cleaning, repairing and replacing of the items of clothing. These include overalls, gloves, boots and helmets, as well as recognisable uniform such as nursing or policing. You can only get tax relief if you have to pay to get these items cleaned, repaired or replaced yourself, out of your own money, but the initial cost of the items are not tax deductible. However, you can receive tax relief for the cost of the tools you need to do the job, if you pay for them yourself. These include scissors for a hairdresser and a spanner for a plumber.

Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions

Should you pay for a magazine or newspaper that is beneficial to your work, you may be able to deduct the cost of it from your taxable income. If the subscription is business-related and paid out of your own money, it can be claimed as an office expense.

Phone Bill

If you’re self-employed, you might use your mobile phone for private and business use. If the bill can be split, you could receive tax relief for the business costs.

Mobile Phone/Tablet/Computer

Whether you regularly work from home or are self-employed, you could get tax back on the technology you need to do the job. From printers to mobile phones and laptops, if you use it for work and it comes out of your own pocket, get the tax relief that you’re entitled to.

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