Settle into London Life Faster with These 6 Tips

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Do you need help setting down in London? For a lot of people, starting a new life in a new place can be overwhelming. And you probably feel that way for a couple of days or so after you move in. But if you know what to do and what to prioritise, you will settle in quicker than you can imagine.

In order to settle into London life effortlessly, there are some things you need to focus on. Here, we give you a run down to help you get acclimatised quicker!

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Take care of admin chores and bills

First off, you need to let everyone know that you changed address to make sure no mail and subscription get lost.

Upon arrival or as soon as you are able, contact your council to let them know that you moved to London. This way, they can send you some council tax bills and put you on the electoral roll.

For cheap travel around the city of London, you must get an Oyster card, the bright blue electronic tickets that will take you around the city without paying much.

Then, take care of utilities to make living in London comfortable, such as broadband, satellite TV, TV licence, and a landline phone. You can also switch energy providers if you want the cheapest utility bill. Simply contact EDF and Npower to compare competitive quotes.

Get your bearings

Once you’ve taken care of admin chores and bills, time to suss out what’s happening in and around the local area. Check out where the local supermarket or the train/tube station is. Do the same for bus stops, if you plan to use the public transport.

Find out where you want to go to get what so you will not feel so lost and adrift.

UK Tax Refunds

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Join a gym

Where better to start finding new friends and meeting new people than in a local gym? Befriend the receptionist and get help to network or establish new contacts. Most of the major gym chains have a branch in London so you definitely won’t have a hard time finding a gym nearest you.

Get a social life

The faster you will be able to settle into London life if you know more people.

Get help from online social networks, such as Thinking Bob. For just £1, you can connect to other Londoners who want to make friends. You will also know which fun events you can attend to meet new people.

A great alternative would be to join classes, sports teams, and clubs where you will meet like-minded individuals.

Get into the London dating scene

Feeling lonely in your new place? Explore London’s dating scene for some good and fun company. There’s no shortage of single people living in the capital, you just need to look in the right places.

Take advantage of online dating sites and filter it within the local area to get specific matches. Make sure to give out the right signals so you get a date instead of just another friend.

Enjoy London entertainment

Boredom is not something people would experience in London, what with all the many places of interest in and around the city. Start with the museums or art galleries or go sightseeing aboard a tour bus. You should also check out parks, pubs, cafes, and many other entertainment option.

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