6 European Adventures To Have This Summer

European Adventures To Have This Summer

With Europe just a train ride away, you’d be mad to stay in the UK all summer – especially with the famous British weather. So get out there and enjoy these European summer adventures. With sun. Probably. La Tomatina, Spain Take part in the world’s biggest food fight in the small town of Bunol, Spain, […]

Top Job Sites for New Arrivals in the UK

UK Tax Refund

  Heading to the UK on a working holiday? We take a look at the best job sites for working holiday makers to check out ahead of their arrival in the UK. Related Articles: Paid too much on your working holiday in the UK? Best temping agencies for Working Holiday makers in the UK PAYE […]

Working Out UK Tax for Working Holiday Makers

Tax For Working Holiday Makers In The UK Working Holiday Makers get the best of both worlds – they get to explore the UK and earn money at the same time. If only at the end of it all you could go home without a hitch, right? Well there’s a few things to consider if […]

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