UK Tax Tips for Non Residents – Tax Facts #1

Tax advice on property losses and car benefits for employees

When you’re working in the UK some helpful tax tips for expats and non-residents will help you maximise your tax refund when you leave the country. Working abroad can bring a whole host of opportunities; you get to experience a new culture, it looks good on your CV and you may even get to learn […]

Bath to Introduce a Tourist Tax

Bath to Introduce a Tourist Tax

Bath UNESCO world heritage city Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage City that receives nearly 6 million tourists each year. With plans to introduce a tourist tax similar to Paris, Rome, and other major European destinations, it will surely see a boost of tax revenue. How that will affect the number of visiting tourists remains […]

Saving money on an Australian road trip

saving money on an Australian road trip

Saving Money on an Australian Road Trip Travelling to Australia is a once in a lifetime experience that often turns into several times because the people who visit there just can’t get enough! However, travelling to the land down under often requires a big budget. Usually, the people who visit there go for at least […]

Student Tax Explained – Student Tax Refunds

UK Student Tax Refunds

Are you working whilst at college or uni? Make sure you understand your tax. Apply for Student tax refunds with us now to get more money in the bank. A Basic Tax Guide for Students The UK tax system is a complicated lot, but something you must understand if you study and work at the […]

Rise in Personal Allowance – Again? Effects on Taxpayers

rise in personal allowance uk

With the promise to raise personal allowance again, more people will be removed from a group paying the bulk of the British income tax, and increase the overall income tax burden of the wealthiest in the country. Prime Minister Theresa May was preparing to raise personal allowance from the current £11,500. By 2020-21, the amount […]

Do you get Taxed on Tips in the UK?

Working in the service industry in the UK? Make sure you know the ins and outs when it comes to getting taxed on your tips. After all, tips make quite the contribution to your salary. So, are tips taxable? Do you pay income tax and National Insurance (NI) contributions on tips? It will depend on […]

Majority of Tax Payers Spared on Tax Rise Labour Said

Majority of Tax Payers Spared on Tax Rise Labour Said

In a recent interview on BBC One, shadow chancellor John McDonnell said that Labour will not increase taxes for 95% of earners if they win the 8 June election. As part of an election “personal tax guarantee”, people earning less than £80,000 a year will be spared from the tax rise. It will, however, affect […]

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