Student Tax Refund

​Have you studied in the UK? If you worked whilst studying then you could be owed a student tax refund.

Why you may have paid too much tax?

Whilst you’re a student and juggling part-time work, or perhaps temping during the holidays it’s quite possible that you may be put on emergency tax if you are working part time or if you are a temporary worker as your employer may be unsure of your correct tax code. Therefore students often end up with quite complicated tax, meaning students may be owed quite significant tax rebates.


Why should you apply for a Student Tax Rebate

With students often regularly changing jobs it’s quite common that HMRC aren’t up to date on your tax status. Therefore keeping all your payslips so you can apply for a student tax refund is essential. If you are a casual or part time worker your employer may place you on an incorrect PAYE (Pay As You Earn) Code which means you may be over taxed.

Another way in which you might have been overpaying tax is on other income such as interest and savings before the 2016/17 tax year. This is when tax has automatically been deducted by your bank or building society if you haven’t used the R85 form to enable your bank to pay interest without taking tax off.


When you should apply for a Student Tax Refund

You should apply for a student tax refund if you think you may have been over paying tax. Check your payslip to see if you’re on the correct tax code. You can also apply for a student tax refund via our online claim form.

​The average tax refund is £1342


​Student Tax Explained

Are you working whilst at college or uni? Make sure you understand your tax. Apply for Student tax refunds with us now to get more money in the bank.

A Basic Tax Guide for Students

The UK tax system is a complicated lot, but something you must understand if you study and work at the same time during your studies.

This is because there are different types of income that may be liable for student tax. Even the money your family sends you, or that income from your savings account may be taxable. So it pays to read and learn as much as you can about tax tips for students.


​Tax Tips For Students starting jobs whilst at Uni

Working whilst at university is a great way to add to your CV. But did you know you could be owed a student tax refund? Apply for Student Tax Refunds.

Student Tax Refunds

If you want to gain work experience and an employment history, even before you graduate from uni, working while studying at the same time provides an excellent opportunity.

Along with student jobs, however, is the complex prospect of paying taxes. Yes, you are expected to pay the taxman. And, no, there aren’t plenty of exceptions to the rule.

student tax refunds


Why is your P60 Important?

Ever wondered what your P60 is for? Here, we take a look at why you need to hang on to that piece of paper and how it could get you more cash in the bank!

If you never bothered before, you should start now. This is because it is one of the few documents that will help you get a tax refund. Yes, a rebate that could be up to £2500, depending on the amount of tax paid or if you ever applied for a tax refund.


​Useful Student Tax Articles


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